What is a Swaddled Mini Session?

(I am not offering Swaddled mini sessions at this time - they’ve now been replaced with my Mini Newborn sessions)

Did you know I offer Swaddled Mini Sessions? I love to offer this budget friendly newborn photo session! Your baby will grow and change so quickly within the first year and before you know it they will be scooting, crawling and then walking all over the place! A swaddled mini session is the perfect session to capture those newborn details!

Swaddled mini sessions usually last 45-60 minutes. I plan and style at least 2-3 set-ups designed with your newborn in mind! When booking, parents get to help plan their swaddled mini session by filling out my pre-session planning questionnaire! I love to include parents (or siblings) in one of the planned set-ups.

Newborns are usually more content while they are swaddled/wrapped which is why the swaddled mini is able to be a much shorter time frame than a full newborn session. I am able to gently transition from one set-up to another without fussing over baby, changing outfits or posing their fingers and bodies. All that specific posing takes time, but once they are swaddled, sessions can go pretty quickly!

I can still create a variety of images for your baby by using different colors, props and different styles of wrapping. I can also focus on details such as their cute profiles, eyelashes, hair, fingers, and even toes depending on the way they are wrapped!

I loved planning this cute swaddled mini session for baby Indie! Baby Indie came to my home studio in Orem, Utah for her swaddled mini newborn session. I made a felt deer and a flower crown that I thought turned out so cute and we were also able to capture some images with big sister! Here are some favorites!

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