Amber Bryson Photography, About me, Utah County Photographer, newborn and baby photographer

Hi, I'm Amber!

My photography journey started in high school. I developed film and prints along with a love for photography in a small dark room at my school! I loved the dark room process and being in that quiet atmosphere. My husband bought me my first DSLR camera in 2009 and our first daughter arrived in 2010. Since her arrival, I've studied portrait photography and have taken thousands and thousands of photos of my kids and for others!

Newborn photography has become such a passion of mine that I have studied it more intensely than any other area of photography. I just love capturing those tiny fingers and toes, and taking photos of all their tiny cute features! I have been trained how to safely pose a newborn and how to gently pose them in a way that shows off that perfect newborn stage. I am a very patient and calm person and take my time when posing newborns. My newborn sessions are baby led which means, when baby needs a break, we give them whatever they need to make them comfortable and happy. I absolutely love that newborn stage and understand, as a mother of five little ones myself, wanting to capture those memories of them so little, before they grow- ever so quickly!