Estela | Orem Cake Smash Photographer

It was a joy to photograph Estela's one year cake smash session! I love taking cake smash photos! One year old's are usually just in the cutest stage! They are super sweet, and curious. They don't run away from me (usually) and will sit where you put them, at least for a long enough time to get a photo! Estela and her family opted to come to me at my home in Orem, for their cake smash session. She had a simple floral set up and her parents provided a beautiful simple white cake with white frosting.

We took some photos of her with her older sister first thing. Estela's sister was ADORABLE with her. She was such a good big sister and good helper helping Estela feel happy and comfortable.

Estela was so sweet and calm. She just kept looking around and although she had a very serious expression for the most part, I could tell she was just fascinated with what was going on. We played her favorite song in the background while she dipped into her cake and she started bopping her head up and down to the music while eating her cake! So cute! Here are a few of our favorites from her Cake Smash session.

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