All About Sitter Sessions

What is a sitter session?

Newborn photos and cake smash photos are adorable and memorable moments to capture beautiful portraits of your baby. But what about during that year? Within that first year, your baby has changed and grown so quickly! Your one year old will look completely different from their newborn photos. Many parents choose to get portraits throughout their baby's first year to document those changes.

A Sitter session is a great "middle of the year moment" to capture portraits of your little one! Sitter sessions occur when your baby is able to sit up unassisted. This usually occurs anywhere between 6-8 or 9 months old. The time of this happening can look different for every child since babies are able to sit up on their own at different times. Sitter sessions are a great photo opportunity for parents to see how much their baby has grown and changed in just a short amount of time!

Why choose a Sitter Session?

Unlike newborns, babies at this stage have started to develop more of a personality that is more visible in their photos. They are much more expressive and quicker to smile. They can be curious and playful but also unable to run or crawl away quickly. This makes it a perfect time for the photographer to capture those adorable expressions that all parents love!


Sitter sessions are shorter and only last about 20-40 minutes. We keep it short and sweet so your baby doesn't get too tired and overwhelmed. Unlike newborn sessions, there is no sleepy, careful posing of each finger and detail of your baby. We are able to move through our simple set-ups quickly. Parents do stay more involved with sitter sessions and usually are actively close and getting their little one to smile and looking at the camera.

At your baby's Sitter session, we will use 2-3 different backdrops with a few minimal props so that the focus stays on baby! If you're unsure what to dress your baby in for their photos, you don't need to stress. We do provide at least 1 outfit for baby. If you have a favorite outfit that you want your baby to wear you can feel free to bring it as well!

We love to see our little newborn clients return for their sitter sessions! We offer a returning client discount for all our returning clients! It's so fun to see them grow and change! And just like the newborn stage and every other stage your baby will go through that first year, it passes by so quickly so you don't want to wait to capture those special moments!

It was so fun capturing photos of this little man at his Sitter session! We had so much fun and he was full of smiles! View some of my favorites from his sitter session below! You can view his newborn photos here. Look how much he's grown! :)

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